Saturday, September 27, 2008

Spiders, and Kids, and Dirt..Oh My!

This is what you can find when you take the Castlegate Ward families to Airplane Flats for our ward campout! We found not only spiders, kids and dirt, we found tents, trailers, toys, games, food and FUN!!! We enjoyed sprinkles of rain, cool breezes, and the best entertainment found on the whole trip-a rope swing! Enjoy some photos of the families and activities:

a favorite hangout spot for each campsite-the campfire!

Another hot spot-the hammacks!

The famous rope swing!

The best breakfast ever! Pancakes, bacon, eggs (they even had fried eggs!)

Here are some fun random shots of cute kids, silly kids and kids listening to Bro. Allen tell scary stories!

Families that we spotted on the campgrounds include:

Criswell, Hatches, Rays, Flakes, Lawes, Burrells, Perkins, Howells, Neus', Johnsons, Stradlings, Paynes, Tuckers, Driggs, Hermansons, McLaws, Orams, Jones, Badgers, Cammacks, and more Cammacks, Oakes, Hellers, Pearsons, Gonzales', Yosts, Millers, Palmers, Cauthens, Michaels, and the Allens. It was a blast! We can't wait til next year!

I hope they call me on a mission!

This is what the primary kids of Castlegate Ward were hoping for! The Primary activity for July consisted of lots of well dressed and well mannered kids looking forward to serving missions. They came to the church on a Sat. morning in their Sunday best while the Primary leaders gave them their own personal name tags labeling them as missionaries! They had lots of fun rotating to different stations while they learned great skills and had fun while doing it! Here are some photos that show that fun they had:

They made sack lunches with the old standby-PB&J.

They learned some new phrases in Spanish from a missionary serving right now!

They made banks to save money for their own missions

They wrote letters to Sis. Badger from our ward who is serving a mission right now in California at the History Center.

They even had fun relays that taught them how to make their beds and eat breakfast really fast!

It was a fun filled event that will hopefully have all the kids in Castlegate Ward looking forward to serving a mission of their own someday!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

4th of July Breakfast at our New Building!!

What a fun way to celebrate the holiday at our new building. This was the first time we were able to have a breakfast at our building since we have had this tradition established over the past 3 years. In past years, we have had in in either the parking lot of the elementary school or inside the school gym. What a fun milestone to reach for our ward!

Here are some photos of those who came and enjoyed the yummy pancakes that the Elder's Quorum prepared for the ward.

Here are the Allen's enjoying pancakes

The Larson's and Shorts also enjoying great food and company!

Kids always finding ways to entertain themselves!

The loyal Elder's Quorum working hard at the grill

Look at the HUGE pancake that Brother Gray and Brother Kilgore made!!

Scouts Court of Honor 6-08

Here are some photos from the Scouts Court of Honor this past June

Do you recognize any of these Castlegate Ward Scouts?

Stake Pioneer Trek 6-08

This was a fun and unique experience for the youth of the stake that were 14 years and older. They had the opportunity to spend 4 days dressed as pioneers pulling a 500lb plus handcart for over 24 miles. The trek was hard, but the experience was beyond what words can describe. Here are some photos that share what the experience was like. See if you can spot some Castlegate members...
the long line of handcarts being pulled by the 22 trek families.

Ma Flake helping her trek family pull the handcart after finally having a chance to eat some lunch on the first day

Brother and Sister Lawes came and helped teach the youth the art of making candles. This was just one of the many fun activities that the stake set up for the youth to participate in.

Sister VanNatter also came up to help with candlemaking

The Mosers came too..

Here is Bro. Howell with Pa Welchman. Bro. Howell came to help support the trekkers. The trekkers were very grateful for the support the youth leaders offered!

Bro. and Sis. Davis helped us learn how to make Indian Fry Bread. It was delicious!!

Here are some of the Castlegate youth enjoying the giant bon fire.

The Ma's and Pa's that were there from Castlegate ward were: Brother and Sister Oram, Brother and Sister Welchman, Brother and Sister McLaws and Brother and Sister Flake. Brother Jones helped out a ton with the food (which was so GOOD!) and many other leaders were able to come and spend time with the youth and see and participate in the testimony meeting. Brother Stradling was the driver of the HUGE truck that delivered and took back all of the handcarts. This experience is one to be remembered for years to come...The youth found strength they didn't know they had. They are a phenomenal group!

More fun events to share! Girls Camp 6-08

Here are some fun shots from Girls Camp from June.

Typical camp activity: braiding each other's hair!
Cute Hikers

Camping Beauties!

The Great Cabin that housed ALL these people!

The Fearless Leaders!

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Primary Meets the Prophet!

Well, they learn all about him! The primary had a great activity where they learned all about our new prophet President Thomas S. Monson. They had lots of facts they learned along with fun games they played that taught them all about the fun and unique tidbits about President Monson. Here are some photos from the activity:

Sis. Perkins teaches her group about the Poetry that Pres. Monson loves

Sis. Oram teaches her group about the Latter Day Prophets and what order they go in.

Sis. Heslington teaches her group about how Pres. Monson loves the elderly

Sis. Howell teaches her group about his favorite color: YELLOW

Sis. Welchman teaches her group fun facts while doing another favorite activity of Pres. Monson: fishing

Here is the station for fishing

Here is the station for the new Prophet to be added to the Latter Day Prophets.

Here is the station where they made flowers for the elderly

Here are the fixings for the flowers

Here is the newspaper station where they learned fun facts and made their own paper

Here the kids are being reverent and sing songs while they gather together

Here are more reverent kids!

Here is the YELLOW station

Here is the newspaper station

Here is the poetry station